jeudi 17 juin 2010

Nuit du Hack 2010 - Night Da Hack 2010

Ready? Ready? Ready?
Let's Go!

Hacking is a whole art, science, culture, call it whatever you like, hackers are unique people but as all people, we all need to meet and see each other in real life.
Night Da Hack is a French hacking event hosted in Paris on a boat! It will receive quite some nice talks and guests.

Here is the talks program :

Time SlotTrack 1Track 2
17h-17h30Security vulnerabilities disclosure, challenges and risks (Jérome Hennecart / Raphael Rault)Unix Malwares (Julien Reveret)
17h45-18h15Security vulnerabilities disclosure, challenges and risks II
(Laurence Foraud / Philipe Joliot)
XeeK : XSS Easy Exploitation Kernel (Emilien Girault)
18h30-19hEvolution IT (Gael THEROND)GPGPU and its implications on security of encryption systems (Lucas Fernandez)
19h15-19h45HZVault (Majinboo)Antivirus Security is a failure (Stefan Leberre)
20h-21hCracking the Playstation 3 (GeoHotz)Cracking the Playstation 3 (GeoHotz)
21h15-21h45xdbg, an open-source disassembler and debugger (Christophe Devine) Virtualisation & security (Emanuel Istace)
22h-23hAdvanced Mac OS X Physical Memory Analysis (Matthieu Suiche)Advanced Mac OS X Physical Memory Analysis (Matthieu Suiche)
23h15-23h45Stack Smashing Protector (Paul Rascagneres - RootBSD)Advanced lockpicking techniques (Cocolitos / Mr. Jack)

After that, from midnight till 7AM, there will be a CTF.
Constesters will have to protect their virtual server and hack the other servers.
As every year, the challenge is kept secret, but as usual the categories won't change I guess :
- reversing
- exploitation
- bruteforcing authentification
- web hacking
- etc
What kind of OS? We sure don't know but I bet that will all the ROP, DEP Bypass, SEHOP and other papers on the latest Windows protections, it's possible that Windows Server 2008 might be there :) .
For Linux, latest version? What distribution? We'll see.

There aren't anymore any tickets for this conference but it was really really cheap for what it is :
- Basic pack : 25€ (ticket)
- Premium pack : 50€ (ticket + cap + tshirt)

I wonder if they happen to accept last minute talks but I doubt that .... even though they would, I might not even have time to write one :(.

Hope to see you there for those of whom who have their tickets :) .


- link : Night Da Hack

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