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PS3 Hacking (Part 2) - FAQ


Let's go on for PS3 Hacking part 2 :).

FAQ! Frequently Asked Questions

Why do everybody want the lv0 keys so badly even though they might not know how to use them?


Homebrew has been attain with firmware <= 3.55 ... so heh ;).
Personnaly, I'm not interested in CFW ... more interested in the technical details than anything else here :).

Why nobody want to release the lv0 keys?

Really you're asking this question? ... Reread first question ... and look at geohot's legals problems back in January ;).

Basically, you released these keys and Sony will sue you to death ... :s.

Huh ok ... how does having lv0 keys allow us to have custom firmwares if we don't have actual loaders private keys (for signing)?

As waninkoko explained, we don't need the ldr private keys (as long as we have the earliest ldr keys ;)).

We decrypt everything using the first loader key (either metldr < 3.60 or lv0 >= 3.60), make the wanted modifications. Afterward, we can change all the public keys (and thus we would have our private keys), re-encrypt them all. Done you've got a custom firmware.

Waninkoko Speaks About Creating v3.61 CFW

How do they disallow homebrew on newer firmwares then if we can still sign it and that they can't revoke the keys?

They make use of whitelisting. They reference each and every games that were made for the PS3 ... any games not in there will not get launched.

Here a place where they speak about PS3 whitelisting:

For an explanation of what are the differences of whitelisting and blacklisting here: Whitelisting vs. Blacklisting

Moreover, they can change most keys they want on the latest hardware revisions. But since the update file "has to be" compatible with older hardware ... any currently manufactured hardware could be theoretically pawned.

For people wondering why the PS3 can not be totally resecured

Mathieulh's thoughts on resecuring the PS3: PS3 3.56 Firmware A Minor Drawback To Hackers .

Basically, the problem Sony encounter while trying to resecure the PS3: compatibility.
The boot chain integrity has been compromised so possibility to reflash externally in order to run unsigned code.

They could try to have 2 files for updates:
- 1 file for the old consoles
- 1 file for the new consoles
Would it be a possibility to "resecure" the PS3? Maybe ... who knows?
If that is the case, only the new PS3 (changed keys, changed hardware revision, etc) would be secured again. Old console ... no way.

(to be continued ...)

That's it for now,

You've got everything needed to understand PS3 actual pawning state ;),



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